Portrait 3D Surgical Simulation

What is Portrait 3D?

One of the first questions people are likely to ask when considering breast enhancement surgery is: What will I look like? With the advent of advanced computer technology, that question can be answered more thoroughly and clearly than ever. Dr. Tiffany McCormack and her continued emphasis on using only the most state-of-the-art techniques in aesthetic enhancement have lead her to one of the most effective and innovative new tools for patients: the Portrait 3D Surgical Simulation Platform. This new technology is a way for patients to essentially see into the future, and get a glimpse of the most likely appearance the results of their breast surgery procedure will take.

How it Works

The Portrait 3D system uses an actual image of the patient relayed onto a computer. The technology allows Dr. McCormack to simulate the likely outcome of a breast augmentation surgery, giving patients a visual image of what they can look like before the procedure takes place. The simulated results can be viewed from all angles, and specific sizes of breast implants can be input into the computer so the patient can see results in a number of different scenarios. Portrait 3D offers precise capture of the surface anatomy, displaying linear and volumetric measurements on both the “before” and “after” images so patients can make the most detailed comparison possible. The technology can help patients establish realistic expectations, and better communicate their wishes to Dr. McCormack.

What’s more, the Portrait 3D Surgical Simulation Platform is a standard part of all of Dr. McCormack’s initial consultations. So, when you ask Dr. McCormack what you may look like after breast augmentation surgery… she can now provide you with the most detailed – and visual – answer!

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