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Plastic Surgery After Children

Jenna discusses her Mommy Makeover experience at our Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe-area practice. In this testimonial video, she describes how you can still be a “hot mom” when you have kids. Contact McCormack Plastic Surgery today.

A Mommy Makeover Story

Katie, a new mom, describes her restored self-confidence after having cosmetic surgery from our Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe surgeon. View the video and contact Dr. Tiffany McCormack.

The McCormack Plastic Surgery Experience

I wasn’t really looking for any plastic surgery at this point in my life but I realized after having three children I’d been noticing how my body’s been changing, not that I’m necessarily very old but I’ve had children and I’m just starting to notice some changes as I’ve come out of the pregnancy experience. So I’ve always been kind of curious about what’s available and out there. But then I actually had an opportunity to meet Dr. McCormack. Then I started doing some research about her and learning about her experience and I realized that plastic surgery was right for me at this stage in my life. That I wasn’t too young for it and I didn’t really want major changes but that she could make significant small changes, the changes that make a significant difference in I think how I look and how I feel about myself. She had incredible qualifications and I also really like that she was a mom like me and that she really understood that I didn’t want anything drastic. She was really very informative, very thorough about explaining things, and just I think really good at listening to what I really wanted as opposed to what she thought I needed. So it felt like a very safe environment. If you’re at all considering even just thinking about the possibility of any sort of plastic surgery procedure I would definitely come and talk with Dr. McCormack because I think she can really help you understand what it is about your body that you’re unhappy with and what your options are. So I think it’s worth getting the information and coming and seeing for yourself that she’s somebody that you can really trust and feel safe with.