As a board-certified plastic surgeon, my philosophy is that good patient-doctor communication is paramount to understanding a patient’s goals for cosmetic or reconstructive improvement. Patient safety is my highest priority while providing the best achievable result. Along these lines, I consider all aspects of surgical care from choosing my nursing staff and prescribing medications, to operating room safety and postoperative care.

Whether I am performing a breast augmentation or an injectable treatment, my goal is to achieve an aesthetic balance in one’s appearance without causing a distorted or unnatural look. It should be evident that you look better. It should not be evident that you have had plastic surgery.

Patients say that I have a non-intimidating manner that makes it easy to communicate with. This is very important to me because there should be no barrier when discussing realistic expectations, risks, or the course of your recovery. This helps us reach a practical and rational surgical plan that ends in outstanding results. This is not an office through which you will be “up sold” and told that you need procedures that you did not come seeking advice about. That being said, I am happy to offer advice and guidance about anything that bothers you, should you choose to bring it up to me.

I chose plastic surgery because I am fascinated by the technical aspects as well as the fact that in order to become an excellent surgeon, one must master being an excellent physician. My Stanford mentors epitomized these deeply rooted responsibilities, thereby honoring the trust put into them. In addition, plastic surgery requires artistic talent. This appeals to a side of me that appreciates the difference in appearance each individual presents to me and the challenge of thinking outside of the box since no procedure is cookie cutter to me. People ask me if my time spent as Miss New Mexico during which I competed in the Miss USA pageant on national television taught me something about beauty and aesthetics. What that experience really brought me was a boost in self confidence and life experience. This propelled me toward following my dreams to become a surgeon, which I can honestly say was a lifelong dream. I took note that 50 women standing in a line could all be beautiful in their individual and unique way. We can’t deny that there are certain standards to beauty, but there is a lot of room for enhancing one’s own natural attributes and beauty. Beauty comes in many different forms, and standards are subjective to some degree.

I absolutely love what I do, and one of the most rewarding aspects is hearing from patients that they are happy with their body or face and that I have enhanced their own self confidence. If this propels any one patient toward following a lifelong dream, or just even stepping out of their comfort zone because they suddenly feel confident enough, then I am fulfilled.

Dr. Tiffany McCormack

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