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Welcome to M Spa, the premier choice for high-quality medical spa services in the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas. In addition to surgical procedures for the face, body, and breasts, board-certified plastic surgeon Tiffany McCormack, MD offers patients several non-surgical alternatives that can help them maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Here, you will find information about the different non-surgical rejuvenation options available at M Spa, along with a wide variety of skin care products and treatments.

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Get the details of all our med spa treatments at a glance! Visit our M Spa site for a comprehensive rundown of our services and learn about the treatment length, recovery time, side effects, and results of each procedure. Please call (775) 284-2020 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced aesthetic professionals today.

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Select a Condition to Explore Treatments:
  • Wrinkles and Volume Loss
  • Stubborn Fat
  • Skin Laxity
  • Acne Scars, Sun Damage, Hyperpigmentation
  • Dull or Unhealthy Complexion
  • Cellulite
  • Unwanted Hair
  • Vaginal Health
  • Undefined Muscles
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Wrinkles and Volume Loss

Reverse signs of facial aging by smoothing wrinkles and expression lines while making the youthful contours of the face more visible.

BOTOX® Cosmetic | Injectable Dermal Fillers | Sculptra® Aesthetic |
indication of condition on the body

Stubborn Fat

Smooth and contour the areas that diet and exercise can’t reach with non-surgical fat removal for the abdomen, flanks, thighs, upper arms, neck, and more.

CoolSculpting® | KYBELLA® | BodyTite® | FaceTite® |
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Skin Laxity

Don’t let loose skin and jowls belie your inner youth. Our minimally invasive treatments can lift and tighten the skin on the face and body to combat decreased collagen production and diminished firmness.

Ultherapy® | FaceTite® | Genius™ Radiofrequency Microneedling | BodyTite® | Renuvion® |
indication of condition on the body

Acne Scars, Sun Damage, Hyperpigmentation

Skin blemishes and acne scars don’t have to last forever. Erase the effects of sun damage and even your skin tone with facials, chemical peels, or our laser skin resurfacing treatments.

HydraFacial® | Genius™ Radiofrequency Microneedling | Laser Skin Resurfacing | LaseMD™ Skin Rejuvenation | Skin Care | BBL Photorejuvenation ™ | BBL HERO™ |
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Dull or Unhealthy Complexion

The radiant glow of healthy skin is within reach with several state-of-the-art treatments designed to cleanse the skin of impurities and foster the growth of new skin cells for a more vibrant complexion.

HydraFacial | Skin Care | Laser Skin Resurfacing | LaseMD™ Skin Rejuvenation | BBL HERO™ |
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Feel confident in your own skin by smoothing away imperfections. Cellfina™, our minimally invasive solution to cellulite is proven to decrease skin dimpling and surface irregularities for long-lasting results.

Cellfina™ | QWO® |
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Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal can help you part ways with prickly skin so you never worry about shaving or waxing again. Enjoy the convenience of smooth skin and stay bikini-ready all year long.

Laser Hair Removal |
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Vaginal Health

Restore a more comfortable quality of life and treat vaginal health concerns such as dryness, incontinence, itching, and skin inelasticity.

FemTouch™ |
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Undefined Muscles

Envision a more athletic physique by toning, strengthening, and firming your muscles with CoolTone™—the perfect complement to CoolSculpting® fat reduction.

CoolTone™ |

Acne Scars

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What Medical Spa Services are Available at M Spa?


Deepening facial creases, skin laxity, the formation of expression lines, and a loss of youthful volume are key indicators of diminished collagen production and typically make patients look much older than they actually are. From cosmetic injectables to Genius™ microneedling treatment, the services at M Spa are designed to address visible signs of aging and restore the properties of a more youthful appearance, such as firm, smooth skin and more defined facial contours.

If you struggle with crow’s feet, frown lines, brow creases, or other dynamic wrinkles, BOTOX® Cosmetic can temporarily relax the muscles that cause these these lines to deepen. Parentheses wrinkles and marionette lines can also be smoothed with the variety of dermal fillers in the JUVÉDERM collection, which includes formulations like VOLUMA®, VOLLURE™, VOLBELLA®, and Ultra XC to add natural-looking fullness to the lips, cheeks, temples, and facial folds. Restylane® may also be utilized to provide subtle volume to sunken facial planes as well as the lips and cheeks. Lastly, another potential solution to volume loss comes in the form of Sculptra® Aesthetic, a unique poly-L-lactic acid-based injectable designed to bolster natural collagen production. This is achieved during a one-time series of treatment sessions that have proven to yield results lasting as long as two years.

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Skin Rejuvenation

As the aging process, sun damage, acne scarring, and environmental pollutants take their toll on your skin, you may experience accumulating blemishes and skin imperfections that prevent you from attaining a healthy, glowing complexion. Dr. McCormack offers a spectrum of treatments that are well-equipped to correct a variety of concerns ranging from mild to severe.

For everyday rejuvenation, our skin care products and powerful in-office facials, including the state-of-the-art HydraFacial® system, can be used to upgrade your personal regimen. If you seek stronger results, complete revitalization of the skin can be achieved with Infini™ radiofrequency microneedling, as well as laser skin resurfacing options like LaseMD™. These dynamic treatments can address a multitude of concerns—such as wrinkles, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation—at once for long-lasting and highly effective skin renewal. M Spa also now offers highly advanced skin rejuvenation technology with the addition of BBL HERO™ to our services, which uses light energy (known as BroadBand Light™ therapy) to treat acne scarring, freckles, age spots, rosacea, and other pigmented lesions. BBL HERO™ improves upon previous versions of BBL by targeting larger areas in a faster time period, as well as allowing a more diligent and powerful treatment process with a lower rate of complications. Moreover, BBL HERO™ is considered safer, faster, and more thorough than older intense pulsed light (IPL) technologies.

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Body Contouring

Pockets of stubborn fat that linger despite the healthiest lifestyles can be frustrating, especially if this excess fatty tissue prevents you from reaching your aesthetic goals. Thanks to advances in cosmetic enhancement, patients no longer need to undergo surgery to contour areas of the body that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. As the leading treatment in non-surgical selective fat reduction, CoolSculpting® can eliminate fat cells through controlled cooling technology in virtually any region. Furthermore, BodyTite® is a cutting-edge form of body sculpting that utilizes radiofrequency energy to liquefy and remove fat cells, with treatment capable of being used in complement, or as an alternative, to liposuction. Individuals who struggle with excess fat in the neck, an aesthetic commonly referred to as a “double chin,” can benefit from CoolSculpting®, or opt to undergo treatment with KYBELLA®— a minimally invasive solution specially designed to target the area under the chin.

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Skin Tightening

There are countless patients who struggle with loose skin in the face and body, many of which desire a non-surgical solution to tighten and firm excess skin without sacrificing major downtime. At M Spa, we utilize an array of innovative treatments that can improve the look of jowls and sagging skin on the face, neck, and décolletage for a more youthful result. Working to reinvigorate collagen and elastin production, Ultherapy® can lift the skin and smooth wrinkles by employing ultrasound energy into the deeper layers of the dermis. As a result, Ultherapy® is often considered an effective non-surgical alternative to a brow lift, neck lift, or facelift. FaceTite® is a similar treatment designed to tighten skin in the lower face and neck, except the procedure utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy instead of ultrasound energy. This type of RF skin tightening technology is also used during Genius™ microneedling, which additionally creates tiny micro-channels in the surface of the skin to more effectively deliver radiofrequency energy.

As the latest innovation in minimally invasive skin tightening, Renuvion® offers a highly advanced method of repairing laxity and promoting the contraction of loose skin. Renuvion® utilizes a combination of RF energy and helium plasma to gently heat the underlying soft tissues, thereby tightening the region with less invasiveness and downtime than ever before. Renuvion® requires only one tiny incision to provide an entry point for the device, allowing your Renuvion® specialist to release the RF energy and helium gas directly to the soft tissues once inserted. This creates a stream of energy (plasma) that works to both heat the underlying collagen and cool the treatment area. Renuvion® skin tightening can be performed under local anesthesia and treatment is often incorporated during liposuction procedures for optimal body contouring results.

Scar and Cellulite Reduction image

Scar and Cellulite Reduction

If you struggle with skin imperfections that are inhibiting your ability to feel confident, M Spa offers medical-grade services designed to reduce the visibility of facial scars as well as cellulite on the buttocks or thighs. For residual scarring left by acne, trauma, or surgery, Genius™ microneedling can foster the growth of newer, healthier skin to diminish the prominence of discoloration or marks on the face, neck, or décolletage. Individuals who wish to smooth cellulite, which is characterized by bumps or dimpling on the surface of the skin, may also benefit from Cellfina™—the only cellulite treatment FDA-approved to improve the appearance of skin depressions for up to one year.

Now available at M Spa, QWO® is an innovative treatment specifically designed to smooth cellulite on the buttocks. This injectable medication is delivered directly into skin depressions on the backside via a small needle, allowing the release of enzymes that redistribute fat cells and stimulate the growth of new collagen. These enzymes are also thought to target the structural cause of cellulite, resulting in a firmer skin tone and a visible reduction in skin dimpling. QWO® is currently the only treatment FDA-approved to smooth buttock cellulite, and the best results are often seen with a series of three injections spaced three weeks apart.

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Wellness

Whether you are pre- or post-menopausal, lower levels of estrogen can lead to vaginal health concerns that range from dryness and decreased skin elasticity to urinary stress incontinence. While these changes in vaginal wellness were traditionally considered symptoms to passively accept as women age, the desire to live a healthy and comfortable quality of life does not stop simply because we get older. FemTouch™ is a state-of-the-art vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can improve many of the issues that lead to embarrassing feminine situations, such as itching and pain during intercourse. With advanced laser technology designed to stimulate the rebuilding of new collagen and healthy tissue, FemTouch™ can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of low or suppressed estrogen production—all without surgery or extensive downtime.

Muscle Toning

After achieving your weight loss goals, powerful muscle toning technology from M Spa can allow you to further contour your abs, buttocks, or thighs without breaking a sweat! CoolTone™ is a non-surgical and FDA-approved muscle toning treatment that can help active patients with a healthy BMI firm and strengthen their muscles. This is achieved through magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), which works by delivering magnetic pulses to the deeper muscle layers. In response, the muscles involuntarily contract, firming the area as well as creating more tone and definition. The best results are usually achieved with a series of four to six treatments, but patients often feel more strength in the treated region(s) after just one session. While CoolTone™ can be performed as a standalone treatment, the technology is designed to work in concert with CoolSculpting® non-surgical fat reduction. Therefore, the best results are usually seen with a joint CoolSculpting® plus CoolTone™ treatment plan.

Muscle Toning image

Why Choose M Spa for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment?

Among the many options available for non-surgical enhancement in Reno, M Spa stands out for our ability to provide the highest standards of treatment with the latest and most effective aesthetic technologies. The broad rang.e of treatments we offer ensures we can provide a medical-grade solution for every cosmetic concern. At M Spa, you can expect to receive:

Dr. McCormack and our talented team of professionals in aesthetic medicine are here to help you select the best treatments for your needs, as well as guide you through what to expect during every phase of the treatment process.

VISIA® Skin Analysis

If you would like to improve your skin’s tone and texture but are unsure where to begin, VISIA®’s complexion analysis technology can be an invaluable resource in determining which M Spa treatments can best nourish, protect, and enhance your skin. VISIA® is a state-of-the-art platform that can detect details on the surface of and below the skin that are invisible to the naked eye. This is achieved using magnified facial scans that reveal the depth of wrinkles, as well as the presence of brown spots, pigmentation, rough areas, redness, clogged pores, and acne-causing bacteria on the face.

These conditions are not always immediately evident and often contribute to dull, unhealthy skin when left untreated. With VISIA®, your skin assessment can be more comprehensive and accurate than ever before, allowing our skincare professionals to create an optimal treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, goals, and skin type. The facial imaging capabilities offered by VISIA® can elevate your consultation in many ways, including:

  • Giving you the opportunity to “try on” fillers and injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM™, and VOLUMA®, among other products
  • Creating a virtual aging simulation that depicts you aging up to 80 years old so you can make more proactive treatment decisions
  • Clearly outlining where clogged pores, red spots, pigmentation, and fine lines reside on your face
  • Allowing more collaborative treatment planning

VISIA® is now available at M Spa to help you gain a healthier, more radiant complexion. Please contact our Reno and Lake Tahoe practice today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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