Many women are troubled by breasts that have lost elasticity and begun to sag due to the effects of pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations, time, or gravity. A breast lift—or mastopexy—reshapes sagging breasts to a more naturally rounded shape and repositions the breast, nipple, and areola to a more youthful position and projection. Dr. Tiffany McCormack is a female plastic surgeon who can combine a breast lift with breast augmentation for patients who have thin, drooping breasts, with nipples at or below the fold. A breast implant will often help shape the breast and provide fullness in the upper portion even if it is not used to make the breast larger.

Mastopexy Incisions

There are many different ways to perform a breast lift. Some women simply require an incision around the nipple/areola while others require a vertical breast lift that results in a “lollipop” type incision. Still others require a full anchor scar incision. Dr. McCormack will assess your individual situation and help determine the breast lift that best suits your needs. Dr. McCormack does not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach whereby each patient gets the exact same procedure. She is very aware that each body is different and each patient’s aesthetic goal will vary. Regardless of the incision required, breast lift surgery is performed in such a way that scarring is hidden by a bathing suit or bra.

The Breast Lift Procedure

To perform mastopexy, Dr. McCormack will first employ the incision technique that was decided upon at the time of the consultation. Next, she will remove loose, excess skin and raise internal breast tissue to an elevated, more youthful position on the chest wall. Once in position, the breast tissue is recontoured until an optimal shape is created, and the nipple-areolar complexes are resized/repositioned, if necessary. To complete the surgery, the remaining skin is then pulled tight and carefully reattached using small surgical sutures.

The entire breast lift procedure generally takes about two hours to perform, but this timeframe may be extended if breast implants are being placed to simultaneously add or restore breast volume. As an outpatient operation, patients can usually return home the same day under the care and supervision of a friend or loved one.

Mastopexy Recovery

Following breast lift surgery, most patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and/or tightness to be apparent in the breasts, though these symptoms should fade over time. Any potential pain or discomfort can typically be alleviated with medication, and the majority of individuals are able to resume work and other non-strenuous daily routines after a week or two. That said, all activities that might put strain on the breasts—such as strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, contact sports, etc.—will need to be avoided for at least a few weeks to provide ample time for the breasts to fully heal.

Throughout the recovery process, Dr. McCormack will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns that may arise, and she will monitor all healing progress over the course of multiple postoperative visits to ensure an optimal outcome is achieved.

Breast Lift Before and After Photographs

Through breast lift surgery you can achieve a shapelier, more feminine figure. View our breast lift before and after photos to see results of our mastopexy patients. If you would like more information about the breast enhancement procedures we offer, please contact McCormack Plastic Surgery today.

Breast Lift FAQs

What are the benefits of breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery can provide several benefits for women who wish to rejuvenate the appearance of their breasts. Based on your personal needs and cosmetic goals, mastopexy can help:

  • Correct breast drooping created by lax, excess skin
  • Raise the breasts to a more youthful location on the chest
  • Improve overall breast contour and symmetry
  • Resize and/or reposition the nipple-areolar complexes
  • Enhance how particular blouses, bras, and bikini tops fit
  • Boost your self-confidence and esteem in personal and social situations

Can I do exercises to lift the breasts instead of surgery?

While chest exercises like pushups, bench press, flyes, etc. can certainly help tone and sculpt the breasts, there is no workout technique that can significantly elevate the position of the breasts on the chest wall. This is because chest exercises help to build muscle and reduce fat around the breasts, but they do not address the loose, excess skin that is responsible for breast sagging. To effectively correct this concern, surgery is usually necessary.

Should I get implants with my breast lift?

For some individuals, combining breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can improve the overall look and feel of their breasts. Since mastopexy alone will not increase breast fullness, you may want to consider a breast lift with implants if you have lost breast volume and are seeking to restore the breasts to their former size, or if you wish to simply add additional volume. Dr. McCormack can help you make this decision after reviewing your unique needs and goals at the time of the consultation.

Will my breast lift scars be noticeable?

Unfortunately, some degree of scarring from breast lift surgery is unavoidable since incisions are needed to perform the procedure. The good news is, mastopexy scars can usually be hidden underneath most bra and swimsuit varieties, regardless of which incision pattern is utilized. In addition, scars tends to fade over time for many individuals, and the majority of patients note that the results achieved with breast lift surgery far outweigh any concerns they had about scarring in the first place. Following the procedure, Dr. McCormack will provide specific instructions for how to care for your incisions as they heal in order to help improve the final appearance of any scars.

3D Procedure Animations

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Explore procedures using our 3D Animation Gallery