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Time and gravity can cause the skin of the inner thighs to lose tone and elasticity. This is especially true following massive weight loss. Excess fat buildup may also affect the thighs, sometimes resulting in a displeasing contour that does not improve with dieting and exercise. In many cases, a thigh lift can be the perfect solution to achieve a leaner, slimmer, and tighter result overall.

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

Whether resulting from pregnancy, weight loss, or the natural aging process, excess skin on the thighs can present physical symptoms on top of aesthetic concerns. Many patients report skin chafing, irritation, or discomfort due to their redundant skin, as well as an inability to find properly fitting clothing. If you’re self-conscious about hanging skin and redundant fat in the lower body, a thigh lift can reshape the thighs to attain a more sculpted look.

Along with an arm lift, thigh lift surgery is often considered the last step in a patient’s weight loss journey due to the procedure’s ability to address excess skin. A thigh lift can generally:

  • Remove hanging skin
  • Extract isolated fatty deposits
  • Tighten the supportive structures that define the thighs

For patients with loose skin around the abdomen and torso, Dr. McCormack can also discuss whether mid-body contouring and/or tummy tuck surgery may address your skin laxity more comprehensively. She will help you understand the benefits, risks, and limitations of each treatment option, and your surgical plan will be completely personalized to resolve your unique concerns.

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How is the Thigh Lift Procedure Performed?

A thigh lift takes approximately two hours. The procedure involves liposuction and the removal of loose skin. After excess skin and fat have been eliminated, dissolvable sutures are used to close up the incisions. You will be placed in a compression garment for two to four weeks to help minimize swelling.

What is Thigh Lift Recovery Like?

It is not unusual to have some drainage from your incisions for the first couple of days. Walking during the first 48 hours is encouraged. Climbing stairs, squatting, and aerobic activities should be avoided for several days. You will be seen back in the office two to three days following your surgery. Most patients have a “tight” and swollen feeling in their thighs. This gradually goes away. Most of the swelling is gone by six weeks time. Individuals with a “desk job” may return to work after one week. Positions that require lifting more than 25 pounds, prolonged periods of standing, walking, or heavy lifting should not be resumed for three to six weeks. The scars will begin to fade two to three months after surgery and will have diminished considerably in one to two years, though they will not disappear completely.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

The cost of a thigh lift is tailored to your individual needs and goals, so prices vary from patient to patient. The cost of the procedure varies across the country, and does not include associated expenses such as anesthesia and surgical facility fees. You will receive a personalized quote after your consultation, but your total costs will generally depend on:

  • Your overall goals
  • The experience of your plastic surgeon
  • The complexity of the procedure
  • Your geographic location

Financing the costs of the thigh lift procedure via CareCredit®, ALPHAEON Credit, and Prosper® Healthcare Lending can help qualified patients pay for their cosmetic surgery in more manageable installments than providing the entire sum upfront. Our office would be happy to speak with you about the cost of your thigh lift, or our accepted financing options in person.

How Long Does a Thigh Lift Last?

The thigh lift procedure can achieve results that last for a lifetime. Although the natural effects of aging will continue, the thighs generally maintain their contour as long as patients do not undergo any significant weight fluctuations. The body changes caused by pregnancy or weight gain can alter the results of cosmetic surgery, so our team encourages you to live a healthy and active lifestyle after your procedure. It’s also recommended to consider these body contouring options only after you have no future plans for pregnancy, as having children after surgery can compromise the final outcome. These tips offer the most effective way to maximize the longevity of an arm lift and/or thigh lift.

To learn more about a thigh lift or any other body contouring procedures we offer, contact Reno Tahoe Plastic Surgery today.

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