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At Reno Tahoe Plastic Surgery, Dr. Tiffany McCormack and Dr. Nichole Joslyn are devoted to ensuring patients receive an unprecedented level of care before, during, and after their aesthetic enhancement procedures. In an effort to better assist those interested in cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon uses an innovative imaging and software system called VECTRA® 3D during the presurgical consultation process. Designed to three-dimensionally simulate potential results, VECTRA® 3D imaging enables patients to become more involved in the presurgical planning process while also helping them better visualize realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedures.

How it Works

VECTRA® 3D imaging technology consists of six high-resolution cameras strategically aligned to capture various angles of the targeted region. During the consultation, Dr. McCormack will take a picture simultaneously from all six angles as the patient stands in front of the VECTRA® system. The photograph is then processed by advanced imaging software and generated onto a computer monitor as a three-dimensional digital image.

Once the image is displayed on the computer screen, Dr. McCormack can utilize VECTRA®’s modeling software to virtually replicate different surgical approaches and their expected outcomes. For breast augmentation and other breast surgery patients, she can choose from a variety of implant options, shapes, and sizes to demonstrate results that can potentially be achieved with particular implants. For patients interested in facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty and eyelid rejuvenation, Dr. McCormack can illustrate how specific changes to certain characteristics will affect the overall aesthetic of the face. Additionally, for body contouring patients, she will be able to display a modified visual image of how their body may look following surgery. This simulation can be particularly useful with combination procedures, like the Mommy Makeover. When a patient elects to undergo two or more treatments at once, it can be difficult to foresee the comprehensive outcome. VECTRA® can reduce some of the guesswork involved in surgical enhancement and allow patients to make a more informed determination of the areas of concern that should be addressed.

With VECTRA®, the imaging software not only creates a visualization of potential procedural results, but also provides a useful point of reference to better convey aesthetic goals. The visual aid can enhance the pre-operative consultation by ensuring a patient’s idea of the final outcome is communicated clearly to Dr. McCormack, allowing her to utilize the requisite strategies and techniques to meet an individual’s expectations. As a practice devoted to patient satisfaction, this synergistic exchange of ideas is invaluable.

After the consultation, Dr. McCormack can provide access to a copy of all surgical possibilities for patients to review with family and friends in the comfort of their own homes. Ultimately, it is important to note the surgical outcomes depicted by VECTRA® 3D imaging are only potential results; however, these potential results can help patients establish realistic expectations and better communicate their cosmetic goals to Dr. McCormack.

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