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Dr. McCormack Divulges First-Time Pregnancy Tips in NewBeauty® Magazine

It’s no secret that the rigors of pregnancy and nursing can cause a variety of changes in your face and body — some of which may not be entirely welcome. Stretch marks are among the most common concerns experienced by women going through a first-time pregnancy, as well as individuals who have had children in the past. Stretch marks develop as your skin accommodates your new contours and body shape, often remaining present even after you’re no longer pregnant. In an article from NewBeauty® discussing pregnancy tips for first-time mothers, Dr. Tiffany McCormack — our renowned board-certified plastic surgeon — shares treatments that can help reduce or even eliminate stretch marks left behind from pregnancy or aging.

“The tendency to get stretch marks may be genetic in some cases… It may also depend on the size of the baby and the length of the pregnancy,” Dr. McCormack says. When speaking to the publication about the effectiveness of creams and lotions in getting rid of stretch marks, Dr. McCormack reveals “I don’t personally believe creams and lotions can entirely prevent them — some products will help improve the overall quality of your skin and may be worth considering, but I would not count on them to prevent stretch marks altogether.” Instead, she recommends in-office treatments such as lasers and microneedling to minimize stretch marks’ appearance after delivery. These med spa services offer noticeable results in reducing stretch marks and improving the elasticity of the skin overall. Plus, there is no need for surgery, anesthesia, or major invasiveness to obtain excellent results. That said, a tummy tuck is usually considered the most effective way to eliminate abdominal stretch marks for good, particularly if they’re located below the belly button.

While pregnancy can take a significant toll on your face, skin, and body, our team at M Spa and McCormack Plastic Surgery offers a solution for your every cosmetic need. Contact M Spa today to book an appointment or to learn more about our wide range of services. 

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