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Is CoolSculpting® Right for Me?

Non-invasive CoolSculpting® can often be a great option for women and men interested in diminishing localized pockets of fat without the need for surgery. Candidates for this innovative procedure generally include individuals who are at or relatively close to their ideal weight but can’t seem to get rid of stubborn fat accumulations that remain resistant to both diet and exercise. Thanks to the variety of applicators we have available at McCormack Plastic Surgery, we are able to use CoolSculpting® to reduce – or even eliminate – fatty tissue and achieve a slimmer, more toned contour in the following regions:

  • Love handles
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Arms

CoolSculpting® has been offered at my practice since its FDA approval in 2010. Over this span of time, I have discovered that the only true way to determine proper candidacy for treatment is to conduct a thorough assessment during an in-person consultation. At this time, I will be able to comprehensively evaluate the individual’s specific concerns and desired outcome, which helps me to determine whether or not CoolSculpting® would be an ideal solution. If it is not the best method, I can recommend a more appropriate option while explaining the advantages the alternate technique may have over CoolSculpting® based on the patient’s needs and expectations.

If you are interested in CoolSculpting®, my advice is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who offers an expansive range of body contouring options. He or she should be able to determine if this treatment is right for you, or steer you in the direction of another technique that would be better suited for your unique case.

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