Liposuction for Men


Over time, it is not uncommon for many males to begin noticing a buildup of excess fat in various areas of the body, including the chest, stomach, hips, neck, and even below the chin. In spite of numerous efforts to eat a nutritious and balanced diet as well as exercise on a routine basis, these stubborn fat accumulations tend to remain resistant to change, even when other regions of the body respond well to one’s weight loss and toning endeavours.

Thankfully, liposuction can many times be a great solution for men aiming to get rid of troublesome pockets of fat in an attempt to achieve a slimmer, more athletic-appearing physique. And, as an added benefit, continual advancements in the field of aesthetic surgery have made it possible for this to be accomplished more safely and efficiently than ever before, enabling patients to attain the results they desire with less downtime and minimal interruption to their work and personal lives.

At McCormack Plastic Surgery, I offer multiple liposuction techniques, including both traditional liposuction and advanced SmartLipo™. In addition, I also provide non-invasive CoolSculpting® for men who may not require and/or desire to undergo a surgical procedure to achieve their body contouring goals. At the time of your consultation, we can discuss your unique needs and desires, identify the pros and cons of each technique, and together determine the most appropriate fat reduction method for you.

Dr. Tiffany McCormack, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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