Will Pregnancy Harm My Breast Implants?

2Among the many questions I hear regarding breast augmentation at my practice, one inquiry that gets consistently asked by prospective patients is whether or not a future pregnancy will have a considerable impact on breast implants. To answer this question, it’s important to first note that pregnancy and breastfeeding affect each woman’s body differently, so some individuals may have an entirely different experience than others. That said, the breasts tend to become swollen and enlarged during pregnancy for the vast majority of women, followed by a notable amount of volume reduction once breastfeeding has ceased.

The good news is, the integrity and structure of breast implants should not be affected by changes that occur during or after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In fact, a potential advantage of having breast implants prior to becoming pregnant is that implants can often provide some level of resistance to the volume loss that may occur. However, this is not to say the breasts will return exactly to their pre-pregnancy appearance – there may be more skin laxity and/or drooping present, depending on the specific bodily changes experienced. Based on the degree of skin laxity and breast drooping that does occur, a breast lift and/or larger implant may be desired to restore shape, size, and elevation of the breasts to their pre-pregnancy state.

Ultimately, it is nearly impossible to predict the degree to which physiological changes will occur during and after pregnancy, though these effects should have no bearing on the form and durability of breast implants themselves.

– Dr. Tiffany McCormack, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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