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Can You Reduce Your Breast Size with Dieting and Exercise?

A disproportionately large breast size can cause an array of symptoms that range from skin irritation and bad posture to difficulty exercising and severe back pain. Although a healthy, active lifestyle can help you lose weight and make mobility easier to a certain extent, dieting and exercise unfortunately cannot correct the stretched skin and excess breast tissue that lead to heavy, pendulous, or overly large breasts. In most cases, chest workouts that claim to naturally reduce the breasts merely strengthen the pectoral muscles and do nothing to actually reshape the breast tissue. Breast reduction surgery is the only way to achieve a lighter, more manageable breast size that is aesthetically proportional to your body frame.

When the procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, the outcome of breast reduction is unmatched by any non-surgical treatments. The surgery is designed to reshape the breasts, remove excess tissue, provide a modest “lift” to the breasts, and resize/reposition the nipples and areolas if necessary. In addition to alleviating—and sometimes eliminating—uncomfortable, distressing, or painful symptoms, breast reduction can also catalyze many patients to become more physically active in their lives. This often leads to adjunctive benefits from breast reduction, such as weight loss, increased energy, improved health, and greater confidence.

Dr. McCormack has helped countless women in the Reno and Lake Tahoe regions achieve natural-looking, proportionate results and improve the symptoms of an excessive breast size. To learn whether breast reduction may help you live more comfortably, please contact our practice to schedule a consultation.

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