Dr. Tiffany McCormack Featured in NewBeauty® Magazine Discussing Pandemic-Related Plastic Surgery Demand

New Beauty BlogSince the closure and subsequent reopening of medical practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in general has seen an upward trend in the number of treatments and procedures performed. This increased demand is surprising, but many plastic surgeons attribute the growth in their patient bases to people having more time and money than ever to pursue their cosmetic desires. NewBeauty® magazine—a foremost publication in the world of aesthetic enhancement—delved into the rising interest in plastic surgery in a recent article, which features the expert opinion of our board-certified plastic surgeon, Tiffany McCormack, MD.

In exploring the reason(s) for the sudden surge in plastic surgery, Dr. McCormack attributes the shift to lifestyle changes for the general populace that better accommodate the recovery demands of a surgical procedure. “My theory is that people have the downtime and ability to work from home right now,” Dr. McCormack comments. “If working from home, on a computer, they are able to get back to work in just a couple of days, rather than two weeks.”

Changing priorities may also play a role, according to Dr. McCormack. “[People] aren’t spending money on travel, so a lot of my patients are choosing to spend money on themselves instead. In addition, they are not using vacation time for travel and will use the time off for recovery.” For individuals interested in reading the full story, the entire article can be viewed on newbeauty.com.

Dr. McCormack offers the complete roster of plastic surgery services and med spa treatments with elevated COVID-19 safety guidelines at her Reno and Lake Tahoe-area practice. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.

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