How to Get Rid of Frown Lines

Woman Looking at MirrorFrown lines, which refer to the pesky “eleven” wrinkles that develop between the brows, are a common aesthetic concern that can vary in severity from person to person. These glabellar wrinkles are typically caused by a combination of depleted skin elasticity as you get older, and the overuse of certain facial muscles. Some patients only notice their frown lines when they make facial expressions; however, these fine lines can deepen over time and remain visible even while the face is at rest. While the results provided by wrinkle-reducing creams and serums are often limited, treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic is considered among the most long-lasting and effective solutions available to smooth frown lines. 

At M Spa, our top-notch med spa in Reno, our aesthetic nurse injectors utilize BOTOX® Cosmetic to get rid of frown lines, crow’s feet, brow creases, and other wrinkles that develop with repeated facial expressions — fine lines that are commonly referred to as “dynamic wrinkles.” BOTOX® Cosmetic temporarily prevents overuse of the muscles that form frown lines, thereby visibly smoothing the dynamic wrinkles at the injection site. This 15- to 30-minute treatment can produce a noticeable reduction in frown lines with the additional benefits of:

  • No downtime or activity restrictions
  • Results that unfold a few days after treatment
  • A more refreshed look for as long as three to four months (with more enduring results experienced the more frequently patients pursue touch-up treatments)
  • Convenient and timely injections

While frown lines are often an inevitable part of aging, you can still enjoy a smooth and youthful appearance with non-surgical injectable treatments from M Spa. Don’t hesitate to contact our Reno-area practice for more information or to schedule your appointment.  

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